Documentation for LibResilient.


A Service Worker is used as a way to persist the library after the initial visit to a website that deployed it.

Security and Content Integrity

Security of content pulled through LibResilient depends on the transport plugins used.

Example Deployment

Let’s do an example Gitlab Pages deployment of a simple Jekyll site that uses LibResilient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions frequently asked about LibResilient.

Project’s Philosophy

LibResilient’s philosophy can be boiled down to a single sentence: Information must remain easily accessible.

Quickstart guide

This is a quickstart guide for deploying LibResilient on a website.

Updating the configuration during disruption

If a website is experiencing an outage, but LibResilient is deployed on it and is working correctly for the visitors whose browsers were able to install and activate it before the disruption started, it is possible to update LibResilient configuration using any alternative transport plugins available.